Digital Change is a journey not a destination.

John Riccio has a depth and breadth of global industry experience in the area of digital change. Leading major strategic program delivery at the highest level, John provides digital and technology solutions that have both enabled and supported business transformation and change.

With over 20 years industry experience, John has vast knowledge and experience in maximising returns for business, particularly in the retail industry. John’s track record of assisting clients make sense of the disruptors of change in their business and the strategic development of solutions that help to facilitate business reactions and abilities to cope and thrive with digital change.

John Riccio has digital change programs both in Australia and the United Kingdom. He has also assisted clients across the Asia-Pacific region, the United States and Europe on matters of governance, risk and IT delivery to support sustainable business operations.

John’s core specialisation areas include:

  • Digital Change Management
  • Digital Strategy Development & Solutions
  • New Business Operating Models
  • Productivity Improvement through Digital Transformation
  • Mobile and Technology Enablement
  • Large scale, Complex Technology Delivery

A regular contributing author to PwC Australia’s Digital Pulse, John shares his knowledge, insights and industry experience, John holds a bachelors degree in accounting and information systems. He currently resides in Melbourne with his wife and two daughters.