Kate Bennett Eriksson

Head of Innovation, Digital Change

Kate Bennett Eriksson is the Head of Innovation at PwC Australia’s Digital Change division. At PwC, Kate has driven the organizations, corporate innovation programs, digital disruption and developed a unique Innovation Fast Track approach that incorporates Design Thinking and Lean Canvas. She has also been responsible for building new digital experiences and advising businesses on driving growth through digital innovation.

Kate's demonstrated international experience in digital industry provides her with a unique skill-set spanning more than twenty countries. Throughout her career, Kate has delivered advice, insights and management to an array of industry sectors – including government, financial, telecom and media – in order to drive innovation, transform business outcomes and promote customer experience. Kate comes from a multi-functional background in innovation initiatives and solutions, sales and marketing, service provision, technology and general management. This positions Kate at the intersection between the telecom, media and online sectors.

Having worked toward global digital heavyweights including Google, Facebook, Skype and Twitter, Kate possesses significant experience in mobile innovation. Some major accomplishments include a team to enable the first mobile Skype; harnessing Google location data to develop a broker model to connect two billion consumers with internet services such as enabling Twitters sms capability. Kate was instrumental in establishing and co-directing the AT&T Foundry in Silicon Valley: a driver of corporate innovation.

Speaking at the recent SWB Cultivate 2012 and TechConnect 2013 conferences, Kate is an accomplished speaker in the corporate and technology spheres. Academically, Kate holds a Bachelor of Commerce and IT from Curtin University of Technology and completed the Technology Entrepreneurship program at Stanford University in 2012.

Kate lives in Melbourne and enjoys spending time with her family and daughter, Matilda. Some of her non-work pursuits include running, playing guitar, scuba diving and international mountain climbing.

  • Kate Bennett Eriksson’s Specialties
  • Innovation Initiatives & Culture
  • Design Thinking & Lean Canvas
  • Business Vision, Strategy & Execution
  • Global Consumer & Technology Trends
  • Business Development
  • Leadership, Motivation & Media Training
  • Global Business & Technical Strategies​

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