The 2016 COLOR.ME by KEVIN.MURPHY campaign was inspired by the opulence of precious metals and jewels, and combines bold colour with a treasure chest of aesthetic references for timeless looks that exude an aristocratic kind of glamour and femininity.

Featuring nostalgic techniques with a practical yet bold edge, this COLOR.ME collection captures colour in its most exquisite form. Shades of copper, gold, platinum, pewter and amethyst take on a metallic edge for the real femme fatale. Beautiful, feminine touches soften the appearance of boyish pantsuits and unstructured tailoring for a bold collision of strength and femininity.

“I wanted to capture the detail in those walls, the haunting beauty of the rooms and how the light reflected, highlighting the colours and the radiant shine in the hair.”

Luis Murphy, Photographer

Photographer: Luis Murphy

Colour: Kate Reid

Styling: Kevin Murphy, Massimo Morello, Craig Hughan

Wardrobe: Emily Ward

Makeup: Hristina Georgievs

EE Agency
Hair: Sandra Govers using KEVIN.MURPHY
Photo credit: David Cohen De Lara
Agency: Angelique Hoorn Management

Hair: Anita Jolles using KEVIN.MURPHY
Photo credit: Pablos Delfos
Agency: EE Agency

Vestal Magazine
Hair: Sanne Bleeker using KEVIN.MURPHY
Photo credit: David Cohen De Lara
Agency: EE Agency

Glamcult & SPRMRKT Hair: Dennis Michael using KEVIN.MURPHY
Photo credit: Carlijn Jacobs
Agency: Angelique Hoorn Management

Hair: Kimm Bakkers using
Photo credit: FotoFloor
Agency: Angelique Hoorn Management


Palm Springs

2015 Editorial Shoot

Shot in a beautiful Palm Springs home in the middle of the desert, the juxtaposition of the luxurious home and hot desert landscape set the tone for the shoot. The inspiration was a curious blend of silhouettes from the 40s, textures of the 60s - all on haircuts from the 70s. The hair was very done and over-groomed then taken just a bit off kilter, almost like it was done the night before and slept on. Paired with extremely shiny, glamorous clothing - it created a unique look that clashed beautifully with the environment.

Hair Lead: Kevin Murphy

Hair Team: Sarah Lund, Ali Batista, Tim McClean, Joseph Gossen, Tim Durant, Nathan Gorman, Tim Abney

Color: Kate Reid

Photo credit: Luis Murphy

Elle Czech Republic
Hair by: Kevin Murphy
Photographer: Matúš Tóth
Models: Soňa and Natalie (Exit Models Management, Bratislava)

6 10


Salons Worldwide

1. USFIN ATELIER, Sydney, Australia / 2. Ilcsi, Budapest, Hungary / 3. ESHK Clerkenwell, London, UK / 4. GERARDO MILITO, Rome, Italy / 5. KM Hair Academy, Vienna, Austria / 6. KOH Haircutters, Altona Victoria, Australia / 7. Prim4, Taipei, Taiwan / 8. Mudhoney Hair Salon Bangalow, Bangalow, Australia / 9. MOB HAIR, Sydney, Australia / 10. Cubex, Taipei, Taiwan / 11. LOUDin, Taipei, Taiwan / 12. ITENG Makeup & Hair Salon, Taipei, Taiwan / 13. Dressler Salon, Munich, Germany / 14. FOUR, Taipei, Taiwan / 15. Ash Heaton Moor, Stockport, UK



“We are in love with our KM DISPLAY.ME!”
– Salon 833 Chicago

“It’s beautiful and draws a lot of attention. Customers love pretty products especially on a pretty display.”
– Katy Prichard

“I love the DISPLAY.ME!! I have sold more products off of them. Beautiful is an understatement! Super easy to put together! Keep up the good work!”
– Erin Brodel


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