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About Us

The Real Food Organic Nutrition Bar provides a unique gastronomic experience for those who are health conscious and committed to clean, natural living.

We support healthy lifestyles by providing natural, nutritious, clean, organic food choices.

When it comes to clichés, we truly believe and live by the saying that “you really are what you eat”. This is why the promotion of natural, healthy eating is our number one priority.

The Real Food Organic Nutrition Bar, in the heart of Melbourne, provides patrons with the best in real, quality food choices because we know that being healthy is the best decision you can ever make!

The Real Food Organic Nutrition Bar supplies real food for real, clean living.

Our Organic Nutrition Bar sells a diverse range of organic smoothies, with super foods that support many different health objectives and outcomes. We serve food and beverages that inspire and motivate the body to help with achieving those important life goals and ambitions.

Whether it is our organic Byron Bay coffee, organic Greene Street juices, natural soups, healthy salads, protein balls to energize or Open To Play All Natural protein smoothies, you are guaranteed of quality real food.

Why not join us for an inspiring breakfast, one of our nutritional lunches, an organic coffee, a raw dessert, natural treat, superfood snack or a healthy energy pick-me-up.

We hope to see you soon!

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